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HomeStock3217 – Dispersal of Energy 2BB by Tay Dall

3217 – Dispersal of Energy 2BB by Tay Dall

Size: 75×75 mm

Tay Dall’s work embodies an energy and passion with imaginative mediums, subjects, themes, colours, and styles that continue to surpass all expectations of the current art trends South Africa has to offer. Her work, when viewed in person is unique and unforgettable as can be attested by the hundreds of private and corporate collectors who have invested in her artistic vision. Born in Cape Town in 1966, Tay began doing art classes at the early age of 8 years old, finally finishing her education with a Bachelors in Fine Arts from the Michaelis School of Art at the University of Cape Town. In 1988 Tay immigrated with her family to Los Angeles, California where she worked in the film industry, studied computer graphics, and began exhibiting her work in various venues in her free time. Her eminent success in America led to a full-time career as an artist. Tay Dall’s art has been shown in more than 90 exhibitions throughout the world. Her work is represented by over 30 local and international galleries including one of her own signature galleries, The Tay Modern-Hermanus.

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