Paul Blomkamp seeks to paint the invisible. At age ten Blomkamp’s’s hero was Paul Klee. Not so much because of his beautiful paintings but because of a few simple words he said: “I am here to make the invisible visible”. His paintings are about energy, invisible energy which he sees move and sparkle around him, just as surely as he sees the sun dancing on the surface of the sea.

Blomkamp says: “There are no words to describe the invisible I see. There is just the painting. I paint in a sacred place. A place free from race or culture. Free from religion or philosophy. A place free from any definition of who I am. I paint in the ‘clouds of unknowing’, as an old 14th century monk said, ‘when you are in the clouds of unknowing then everything is illuminated”.

Although primarily a painter, Paul Blomkamp also became fascinated with the art of stained glass window making in his early twenties. Disregarding the traditional methods used, he interpreted this medium in his designs as coloured light. This led to him being awarded a number of stained glass commissions however he now concentrates exclusively on his painting.