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Vinxde by Nico Phooko

Vinxde by Nico Phooko

Keith Alexander is an artist known to many in Southern Africa, in America and in Europe. A quiet, diffident and unassuming man, he created a substantial number of exquisite paintings, with rare exceptions African-themed.

Very sadly he died in 1998 at the relatively young age of 52. This untimely death robbed the world of great art. Keith Alexander was a prolific painter, and all his work was interesting, special and different. He used a rare technique of combining clear, almost photographic, realism with surreal images or effects. Sometimes he played tricks with perspective, more often he introduced features which are bizarrely out of place in his works and yet could belong.

His major theme, inspired by what he saw in the Namib, was the impermanence of man’s work in the face of a relentless nature, and this theme is evident in many of his paintings. Those lucky enough to have visited the Namib desert will appreciate his astonishing skill in capturing light, heat and atmosphere. Keith Alexander’s work lives on through the prints listed here.

DesertArt is privileged to have been granted the licence to reprint these works, by Keith Alexander’s heirs.

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